Starting at the beginning of May and running thru the end of October 2023 I will be guiding full time for river smallies in Wisconsin. The rivers you will fish include the Chippewa, Flambeau, and Jump near Lake Holcombe in Rusk County. It has been a long time since I have seen this many days in a row of gorgeous fall weather. Today would be no different with partly cloudy skies, light winds and a high in the low seventies. We could use a couple of inches of rain in the watersheds for both the Chippewa and Flambeau. In my opinion the extremely low water has slowed down the fall migration. The smallies appear to be moving through in fits and starts. Of course ever year is different. In a typical fall you usually see larger numbers of fish staging in the areas that I fish for longer periods of time than they have this year. Maybe they don’t feel secure in the shallow water and are heading downstream into the deeper water in Lake Holcombe. Today the smallies were closer to the bank in the early afternoon than they were over the past several days. On October 2 Cindy caught three big smallies that weighed 4-2, 3-14, and 3-12. We fished that same area of the river and I caught two of those same three fish. Fortunately it was the biggest of the three. Catch and release works!!! A picture of those two dandy smallies is included in this report. We caught a total of twenty-eight smallies and one northern in six hours of fishing.