Starting at the beginning of May and running thru the end of October 2023 I will be guiding for river smallies in Wisconsin. The rivers you will fish include the Chippewa, Flambeau, and Jump near Lake Holcombe in Rusk County. The weather conditions improved dramatically today and so did the bite. Dick and Mary drove back to Iowa after their two day fishing trip. I wish they could have stayed just one more day. Both the Chippewa and Flambeau are extremely low. The water temperature warmed up to sixty-one degrees compared to yesterday’s fifty-five. We didn’t get on the water until early afternoon and fished for five hours. We caught a total of thirty-six smallies. This is the time of the year when the smallies start their downstream migration on both rivers to overwinter in Lake Holcombe. This is the first day that I have seen any real indication that the migration has indeed begun. We didn’t catch many big fish today. Most of the smallies that we caught were in that 2 to 2 ½ pound category. I think they fight the hardest pound for pound when they are in that size range. A picture of Cindy with one of those scrappy two pounders is included in this report.