Starting at the beginning of May and running thru the end of October 2023 I will be guiding full time for river smallies in Wisconsin. The rivers you will fish include the Chippewa, Flambeau, and Jump near Lake Holcombe in Rusk County. With the cold nights over the past several days the fall color has really come into its own. We have had a string of beautiful fall days. Today would be no different with a high around seventy and light southwesterly winds. The water temperature in the Chippewa was sixty-two degrees. Both rivers are extremely low. We saw a marked uptick in the fall migration today. The smallies have been hitting better from early afternoon into the evening hours. Yesterday, the fish we caught were about fifty yards off the bank and did not appear to move to the bank to feed later in the day. Today they were again around fifty yards off the bank in four feet of water.  As the day progressed they moved into the shallower water to feed later in the afternoon and evening. We caught a total of forty smallies in six hours of fishing. The majority of the fish were in the fifteen to seventeen inch range. It was my turn to catch the biggest smallies of the day even though they didn’t measure up to the three big fish my wife caught yesterday. The two biggest smallies weighed 3-9 and 3-4. A picture of those fish are included in this report.