I had the pleasure today guiding Jody and his two sons Anthony (15 yrs.) and Timothy (11 yrs.). They are avid fishermen from Texas and have caught a lot of largemouths in their fishing pursuits. Jody had caught smallmouth in the rivers of Virginia when he lived there quite some time ago, but neither of his boys had the opportunity to fish for smallies. The goal today was to have every angler on board land a smallie. Hopefully, several smallies per angler. The Little Pigeon River was still running a little too high and fast for my liking and the French Broad was off the table due to the persistent heavy generation at Douglas Dam. We had our work cut out for us, but by the end of their 6 hour trip they had caught a total of 15 smallies. They were a variety of sizes. Jody caught a nice 19″ smallie that weighed 3 lbs. 1 oz. However, the biggest fish of the trip was caught by Jonathon. It also was 19″ long, but it had a little more bulk than Dad’s fish and weighed 3 lbs. 4 oz. A picture of Jonathon with that dandy smallie is included in this report. Anthony caught some nice fish in the 16-17″ range. The goal was accomplished with every angler catching few a smallies on this beautiful spring day. They were staying with friends in Maryville. Jody said that he planned to make several trips back to the area this year and that we would have additional opportunities to take them fishing. They were great guys to guide and I look forward to future river smallie adventures with this nice family from the great state of Texas.