I was contacted by Mark a few weeks ago. He and his family have been visiting the Pigeon Forge area since 2009. They were on Spring Break and he wanted to take his son Ethan out for a few hours of river smallie fishing. They are from Ohio and have a cabin in Michigan where they mainly fish for largemouths. Mark said all they wanted to do was catch a few fish and learn how to become better fisherman. They both were quick learners and by the end of the five hour trip they had caught seventeen smallies and two largemouths. Eight of the seventeen smallies were between 16 and 19 ½” long. Ethan’s first fish of the day was a stout 19″ inch fish that weighed 3lb. 9 oz. Both father and son landed some really nice fish like this beautifully marked 18 ¾” smallie that Mark caught. The fishing was so good that they decided to tack on an extra hour to the trip. Mark and Ethan were a couple of great guys to have in the boat. I was happy to see them have a productive day on the water catching those hard fighting French Broad and Little Pigeon River smallies.

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