I had Jeff and Sean from Virginia scheduled for April 6, but due to a forecast of thunderstorms and heavy rain for that day we decided to move them up a couple of days to fish on April 4. I’m glad we made the change. The water temperatures continued to climb over the past several days and the smallies migrating up the Little Pigeon River strapped on the feed bag today. In four hours of fishing they caught thirty-four smallies and two largemouths. The highlight of the trip was Jeff catching a tank of a “Citation Smallmouth” that was 21 ¾” long and weighed 5 lbs. 7 oz. Fish like that don’t come along very often. Jeff fishes for smallies in the rivers near his hometown in Virginia. He knew how rare a river smallie of that size is so he decided to release it back into the waters of the Little Pigeon to keep those exceptional genetics present in that population of smallies. A picture of Jeff holding that monster river smallie is included in this report.