I had the pleasure of guiding brother in laws Russ and Mike. We were greeted with Chamber Of Commerce weather. With a high in the mid-seventies, light winds, and sunny skies it was a beautiful day to be on the water fishing for river smallies. At the time we started the trip the release at Douglas Dam stood at 19,000 cfs. That took the French Broad off the table so they spent the entire trip fishing on the Little Pigeon. The smallmouth pre-spawn migration continues as fish course their way upstream to spawn in the coming weeks. The Little Pigeon still was running a little high and was stained due to the rainfall the prior week. Russ and Mike fished hard during their six hour trip. They managed to catch eighteen smallies. The size of the fish were all over the board. They did catch several in the 15-17 ¾” range. Russ caught the biggest fish of the day that measured 17 ¾”. A picture of Russ with that handsomely barred up smallie is included in this report. Mike and Russ were a couple of great guys to have in the boat. I was happy to see that the fish were feeding again after high and muddy water knocked us off the river for the majority of last week.  Historically, April is the best month to catch the larger fish that migrate from the French Broad into the Little Pigeon to spawn. I am really looking forward to the next several weeks of guiding when my clients will have a legitimate shot at catching “Citation” smallies that measure twenty inches or longer.

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