It’s amazing how quickly the fishing conditions and the bite can change in twenty-four hours. Tuesday night the watershed for the Little Pigeon River received just enough rain to muddy the water to the point where it was unfishable on Wednesday. The gauge in Sevierville showed that the Little Pigeon had risen only two tenths of a foot from the overnight rain, so my hope was that it would quickly recede and clear up enough so it would be fishable on Thursday. Fortunately, that is exactly what happened. The water was a little stained, but I like it that way because I believe the fish for a number of reasons are easier to catch when the water is a little discolored. I managed to catch thirty-three smallies with the average size in the sixteen to seventeen inch range. However, four of the thirty-three were over twenty inches. The two biggest fish were 21 and 20 ½ in. and weighed 4 lb. 13 oz. and 4 lb. 2 oz. The picture of those two fish are included in this report. We will be experiencing a Dogwood Winter this weekend so the winter temperatures will drop and slow the fishing once again. The spawn may be later than usual this year due to this roller coaster ride we have been experiencing with the weather over the past several weeks. Regardless, of the past weather and water conditions I am looking forward to what I hope will be some great fishing in the coming weeks.

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