I had the pleasure of guiding Leslie today from northern Illinois. The rivers had been running high for the past several days and were unfishable. However, today they had dropped enough and the clarity had improved to the point were I believed they would again be fishable. I talked to Leslie the day before her trip and told her that the fishing would be challenging but I believed I could scratch out a few fish for her. She is an experienced angler and was up to the task. During the trip we found out we had fished some of the same waters in Wisconsin and I could tell she was a fellow angler who truly enjoyed the sport. Leslie fished extremely hard during her four hour trip and caught four smallies. Three out of the four were quality fish between 17 ¾ and 18 ½”. Her 18 ½” smallie weighed an even three pounds. A picture of Leslie proudly displaying that stout smallmouth is included in this report. She did a great job of catching the fish that she did and was a lot of fun to have in the boat.