Our third day of fishing found us with that persistent east wind and bright sunny skies. Bob and Jenni’s last day of fishing was almost a carbon copy of the day before. They caught smallies during the late morning into the middle of the afternoon and then they turned off as the day wore on. Again, my go to spots were dead and the majority of the fish they caught were in the middle of the river. These could have been fish on the move as they migrated up the river to spawn. The water temperature was 65 degrees and the water was low and clear. We saw a few spawning beds where the fish were rolling on their sides and chasing each each other. As luck would have it the fishing God’s smiled on Bob today instead of his lovely wife and he caught many nice smallies from 17 to 19 inches. They caught 28 smallies for the day and a total of 96 for three days of fishing. We had a lot of fun and I hope they can make another trip to East Tennessee to chase those spring run smallmouth on the Little Pigeon River.