I was scheduled to take Zan and Scott from Knoxville on a six hour trip, but there had been some rainfall overnight in the watershed that feeds the Little Pigeon River and I had some concerns that the river might be dirty and unfishable. But after looking at the river gauges that morning that are upstream from the area I like to fish I felt like it was worth a try and if we found the water to beunfishable then we would elect to reschedule for another day. Fortunately, as we arrived to our first fishing spot I could see that the water was a little stained, but definitely fishable. It was one of those days when I love to have my customers on the water chasing smallies.

Cloudy, spitting rain and light winds. And the smallies did not disappoint as they hit right away and steadily fed throughout the afternoon until the sun broke through the clouds late in the day. By that time they had caught thirty-seven smallies in six hours of fishing. Most of the fish were between sixteen and nineteen inches with a lot them being in that hard fighting sixteen inch two pound range. I had a great time watching Zan and Scott wearing out those Little Pigeon River smallies and I look forward to our next trip.

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