The river smallie action on Day 2 with my good friends from Missouri started right where we left off the previous evening. We had a enough water in the river to allow me to run upstream in my jet boat and fish some spots I only get an opportunity to fish a handful of times each spring. The weather was perfect with cloudy skies and a light wind. Like clockwork the smallies were right where there were supposed be at that time of the year. Dave, Marco, and Noah caught 63 smallies with the majority of these prespawn fish in the seventeen to nineteen inch range. They caught 105 smallies in two days of fishing. Noah again caught the big fish of the day that was just shy of that “Citation” mark of twenty inches or longer. A picture of Noah with his dandy 19 ½”  3 lb. 3 oz. smallie is included in this report. It was a memorable couple of days on the water with great friends. I hope we get the opportunity to do it all again in April 2023.