Another great day on the water with Greg from Knoxville! It was only a little less than a week ago when he caught a personal best of 51 smallies. The weather and water conditions were almost identical to that trip he took just six days ago. Light winds, partly sunny skies, with a high in the mid-seventies made it a picture perfect day for fishing. The water in the Little Pigeon River was slightly stained ¬†with a temperature of 60 degrees. The smallie prespawn migration has been in full swing for the past couple of weeks. Yesterday I was fishing with the other Greg (Gregger) and we managed to scratch out 51 smallies between the two of us. Since it was a “buddy trip” I also fished. However, when I am guiding I stick strictly to the task at hand and don’t fish. I know at some point these 50 fish prespawn fishing catch rates are going to disappear as the smallies go on the beds and the numbers of migratory fish begin to wane. But today would not be that day. Greg didn’t quite surpass the 51 he caught on April 22, but he came close. He managed to scratch out 48 today. The fish were running a little smaller with the majority of them between fourteen and seventeen inches. He did catch one really nice citation fish that was 20 1/2 in. long and weighed exactly four pounds. The picture of that hefty smallmouth is included in this report. The fishing for the past couple of weeks has been exceptional. It appears that the migration and spawn may be a little late this year. Based on that observation my hope is that the post spawn fishing will be just as productive throughout the entire month of May.