I had the pleasure of taking Matt and Ross fishing for river smallies today on the Little Pigeon River. It was a cloudy day which the majority of the time bodes well for a good bite. The river was low and clear. In fact, it was clear enough that this father and son team got the chance to do some sight fishing today. It’s a lot of fun to watch fisherman get excited when they actually see a smallie and make a successful cast to an active fish that wants to take the bait. The smallies they caught were somewhat scattered and appeared to be “roaming” all over the river. They weren’t in the spots that I typically fish on a day to day basis. I assume that the majority of these fish are post spawn smallies making their way back to the French Broad River. They opted for a four hour trip and by the end of it they caught and released twenty-one smallies. The fish were running a little smaller than usual today, but there were a couple of sturdy eighteen inchers thrown into the mix. A picture of Matt proudly holding one of those fish is included in this report. They have another four hour trip planned for tomorrow. The pattern the last few trips has been that there is no pattern. It will be interesting to see if the fish are scattered again tomorrow or if they will start settling into some of the spots I typically fish at this time of year.