Day two of my trip with Dan and Ed broke with some fog hanging over the waters of the French Broad much like yesterday. However, the forecast for today predicted an increasing chance of rain and the opportunity for there to be more cloud cover which always enhances the top water bite. As the fog lifted, there was indeed some good cloud cover and Dan and Ed began plying the surface of the French Broad with some poppers. Dan was fishing with a black and yellow popper and Ed with a green and chartreuse colored bug. It wasn’t long before a fifteen inch fish sucked in Dan’s popper putting a nice bend in his seven weight Sage. Dan caught a couple more smallies and had several other short striking fish nip his fly before it became apparent that they were not showing any interest in Ed’s green popper. He made the change to a Murdich Minnow and caught a twelve and sixteen inch smallie before the sun burned through the remaining cloud cover killing the top water bite. From there the decision was made to make a switch to live bait and the smallies were having no problem with the change. Both anglers managed to catch twenty-three more smallies over the next couple of hours. Two of those smallies were over twenty inches with several other fish in the eighteen and nineteen inch range. By the end of the trip, they had landed thirty-one smallies with the longest fish of the day being a very skinny 20 ¾ in. fish that weighed in at only 3 lb. 4 oz. Day two proved to be a very productive day on the water and we were looking forward to the same if not even better a result on their last day of fishing.