I got a late start today and fished another section of the Holston River. An advancing cold front just to the west of Knoxville and cloudy skies had the the fish on a feeding binge. I found a spot that was loaded with white bass. I was catching them literally on every cast and after boating about fifteen in a row that were between 10 and 15 in. I decided to move to another part of the shoal to see if I could get on some smallies. It didn’t take long and the smallies were hitting just as fast and furious as the white bass. I caught 25 smallies in about two hours of fishing. But as soon as the front passed through and the rain showers stopped it was like a switch was flipped and the feeding frenzy was over. I have seen this many times in all the years I have been fishing and I am still amazed on how a change in the weather can affect fish feeding behavior over a very short period of time.