I had the good fortune of fishing with Dominic, Molly, and Payten from Knoxville on this beautiful and sunny Saturday. They were going to be having a fish fry that evening and wanted to keep some fish so the pressure to produce was on. I knew of a spot where there had been a concentration of white bass in the past and I hoped the fish were still in the area. They were not to be disappointed because as soon as their first casts hit the water it was game on. It was pretty much nonstop action for the next two and half hours as the three anglers landed nearly forty white bass, and five smallmouth bass. All of the smallies were released. Dominic had an exciting fight with a really nice catfish that eluded capture at the last moment at boatside as it snapped the line and flopped over the edge of the net back into the waters of the French Broad River. They were a blast to guide and spend time on the water with and I even told them that it didn’t seem right that the guide should be having as much fun if not more than the clients. They all did a great job fishing and I look forward to taking my new friends on another River Smallie Adventure.