I had to fight some stained water today on the French Broad River after several days of scattered thunderstorms. The area on the French Broad I fished had a tributary that joined the river. The tributary was heavily stained with a water temperature of 82 degrees. Where it joined the French Broad and mixed with its colder water the temperature in the seam where the two currents meet was 71 degrees. This seam is the place where I usually catch some nice smallies. Just a few feet away where the clear and cooler water of the French Broad was not influenced by the tributary the water temperature was 60 degrees. Can you guess at what water temperature the 20 1/2 in. smallie pictured with this report was caught? You might be surprised as well as I was to find that I caught this fish in the stained 82 degree water of the tributary. In my experience when the water gets that warm the smallies usually shut down during the day and the fish I have caught in the past were usually in the evening right before dark. I don’t do a lot of night fishing, but I have been told anglers will target smallies at night when the water temperatures move into the 80’s.