I was contacted by a gentleman by the name of Mike in January of 2020. He wanted to purchase a River Smallie Adventures fishing trip for his three son-in-laws (Chris, Jason, and Justin) as a Christmas present. As luck would have it we had to cancel the trip several times due to high water. The weather and water gods finally cooperated and we were able to finally get them on the water during this first week in June. It was cloudy with showers in the area. My plan was to fish the Little Pigeon, but rain that fell the day before had left it just a little too stained for my taste. So we spent the majority of the trip fishing the French Broad River. Fortunately, the French Broad fished well for the three anglers. They ended up catching fifteen smallies with the majority of the fish between fifteen and nineteen inches. Justin was the most laid back of the three anglers and said that “he didn’t even care if he caught a fish”. Guess who caught the biggest fish? Of course it was Justin who landed a beautiful nineteen inch smallie as well as a dandy eighteen inch walleye. For some reason I failed to snap a picture of Justin’s big fish of the day. However, I did manage to get some nice pictures of some of the quality smallies that both Chris and Jason caught during the trip. One of those pictures of Jason holding a stout French Broad River smallie is included in this report. Chris, Jason, and Justin were great guys to have in the boat. From the conversations I had with Mike he appeared to be extremely proud to have all three of them as his son-in-laws. I can see why. All three were quality individuals. I throughly enjoyed getting to know them and act as their guide to a successful day on the water catching river smallies.