A late season cold front had passed through overnight. When you fish the backside of a cold front it usually doesn’t bode well for a productive day on the water. However, due to the fact it is late in the year my hope was that the front would not shut the fish down for Ben and his 10 yr. old son Miles. TVA was going to run two or more generators at Douglas Dam at noon, which gave us time to fish the French Broad River for a while before we made a trek up the Little Pigeon River for some more smallmouth fishing. The Little Pigeon was stained from some recent rains, but it was low and fishable. We started the trip at one of my favorite spots on the French Broad, but all that Miles was able to coax on to the hook was a respectable fourteen inch smallie. I was beginning to become a little concerned that the cold front might have negatively affected the bite  I also knew that this was the beginning of the trip and that you can’t predict how the rest of the day is going to fish based on one spot even though historically it is one of your proven hotspots. The weather was cloudy for the most part which never hurts. I decided to make a move and motor up the Little Pigeon to fish for some post spawn French Broad smallies that had been lingering in the lower reaches of the river for quite some time. It wasn’t long before Miles hooked up and caught three smallies in the first hole we fished. He preceded to catch four more smallies and a largemouth at a couple of other spots down river. Ben got into the action and caught a 16 1/2 in. largemouth. Miles countered with his own 16 1/2 in. fish which just so happened to be a smallie. A picture of Miles proudly holding that fish is included in this report. I really enjoyed my time spent on the water guiding Ben and Miles. Not only was Miles respectful and a lot of fun to have on the boat, but he is a great fisherman for some one who is only ten years old. They live not too far down the road in Asheville, North Carolina and at times have the flexibility to make day trips to fish the rivers of East Tennessee. I look forward to a future day trip on the water with these couple of great guys in pursuit of those river smallies.

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