Today I had the opportunity to guide Wes and his son Colton. They are from Houston,Texas and were spending a few vacation days in the Sevierville area. I was fascinated to learn that Colton who is still in high school writes beatbox music. He has even created his own business by licensing and selling his music. TVA was going to run two or more generators at Douglas Dam later in the afternoon, so I was going to dedicate most of the time on their six hour trip to fish the French Broad River. The first spot we fished gave up three nice smallies and several chunky white bass to these experienced anglers. The majority of the smallies we have been catching over the past few trips been coming from submerged wood near the shoreline. As we were approaching one of those laydowns Wes hooked up with a really nice 18 1/2 in. smallie from the back end of a shoal. The laydowns they proceeded to fish didn’t disappoint as they managed to pry twelve smallies from that difficult to fish tangled mess of wood. Four of those fish measured between 18 1/2 and 19 1/4 in. Colton caught the big fish of the trip that measured 19 1/4 in. The picture of him proudly displaying that quality smallimouth is included in this report. The original plan was for them to fish for 6 hours, however, that got shaved back to 4 hours due to severe thunderstorms in the area. I enjoyed guiding Wes and Colton and was happy they had the opportunity to catch some really nice French Broad River smallies.

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