Even though it is the middle of June today we experienced what most weather aware fishermen would call “cold front conditions”. We had a weak front pass though last night. In addition we had a drop in humidity, clear skies, and a rising barometer. All of those conditions combined can portend a slow bite and a tough day on the water. Fortunately, I was guiding Charles and his sixteen year old nephew Dawson from Mississippi. I say fortunately, because the two of them are experienced fishermen and understand how frontal passages can negatively affect the bite. For the first thirty minutes of fishing I thought my instincts were going to be wrong. They landed five smallies and a couple of largemouths right out of the gate. After that encouraging start to the trip the fishing flamed out.. Both anglers fished hard, but over the next four hours they managed to scratch out one more smallie and a couple of white bass. At one point, Chalres said that he could tell that the fish had turned off. Something he has experienced many times before when they have fished below Pickwick Dam on the Tennessee River. Dawson did manage to catch a few smallies in that first spot we fished. A picture of a nice seventeen inch fish he caught is included in this report. Charles and Dawson were a couple of great guys to have in the boat. And even though it was not the most productive day on the water they said they still had a good time. That’s all that this fishing guide has to hear especially on a day when there was more fishing done than catching.

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