I spoke to Michael a few weeks ago and he said that he and his wife had not been fishing in about twenty-five years. They were going to be having a wedding anniversary and to my surprise the two of them wanted to travel from the Nashville area and take a guided fishing trip courtesy of River Smallie Adventures as sort of a wedding anniversary present. Unfortunately, his wife couldn’t make it at the last moment due to unforeseen circumstances. Michael said he still wanted to check it out himself because they were still planning to come and fish with me as a couple at a later date. The fishing has been slow lately, but my clients still have managed to catch a few good-sized smallies along with some other fish species that include white bass, catfish, and an occasional walleye thrown in for good measure. I always share with my clients prior to their trip an honest assessment of how the fishing has been lately. I give them the choice to reschedule or cancel the trip if the fishing has been slow. But we all know who fish that depending on a variety of factors that the fishing can turn around in a heartbeat. Slow and poor days of fishing can quickly reverse course and materialize into some very productive days on the water. To add insult to injury on this trip we had a little rain the night before, which left the water with a stain and a reduction in clarity that bordered on me wanting to  reschedule the trip for another day.. With that said Michael replied  “your the expert”. I told him that I thought I could scratch out a few fish for him. And that’s exactly what happened. He caught five fish in six hours of fishing. Two smallies, a nice channel cat, a white bass, and a kicker walleye. The smallies were good-sized. One of them he caught in extremely fast water that measured 18 1/4 in.  As you can imagine it put up a terrific fight in that swift current. A picture of Michael holding that hard fighting smallie is included in this report. Even though the bite was slow, Michael said that he had a really good time and planned on making a return trip with his wife later this summer.

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