I made my annual late summer pilgrimage to Wisconsin to fish for those hard fighting smallies on the Flambeau and Chippewa Rivers. Even though the water had been running high for both rivers most of the summer we were fortunate to arrive at a time when the water levels were near normal There was less weed cover than I would typically see at this time of year. In prior years, I have found that the more weed cover the more concentrated the smallies can be at various locations in the rivers. The reduction in weed cover caused the fish to scatter out more which meant we had to do a a little more casting with our soft plastics to find the smallies. However, once we found them the fishing was good with an average of about thirty of those hefty river smallies being boated in five hours of fishing. I will be returning at the end of September and beginning of October to take advantage of the fantastic fall fishing that can occur when the smallies begin their annual migration down both rivers to overwinter in the Holcombe Flowage.