Cindy and I had just gotten on the water yesterday, and caught a few fish, before a line of thunderstorms moved in, and blew us off the river for the remainder of the day. We holed up at a local resort for a few hours until the nasty weather passed. We knocked back a few cold ones, and made some new friends before we headed back to the ramp. Today, we were greeted with a post frontal day of fishing on the Flambeau. Post frontal cold front conditions come in all shapes and sizes, and they usually hurt the fishing the following day after the front passes. Depending on the severity of the front, it could negatively affect the fishing for days. You could definitely tell the bite was off, and of course, I am going to blame the front, and not the fishermen for the results of our efforts. We still managed to catch nineteen smallies, with ten of those fish measuring between fourteen and eighteen inches long. The big fish of the day, was a hefty eighteen inch football that weighed three pounds and eleven ounces. There are some really nice smallies in this stretch of river, and if I were a betting man, I would bet we will be back here tomorrow playing football.

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