My wife and I took a trip to fish for smallies on the Flambeau and Chippewa Rivers in northwest Wisconsin. As I write this first report we have already returned from our two week trip.The number of smallies we caught were lower compared to prior years, but we caught a lot of big fish. Usually the trophy-sized smallies show up on the fall trip that I take in October, but to my surprise this summer adventure produced many fish over four pounds. Both rivers were extremely low due to the drought in northwest Wisconsin. Fortunately, the jet prop on my Stealthcraft Power Drifter Sled allowed us to gain access to water that held those football-shaped smallies. As usual my wife outfished me today. We only caught 18 smallies, but she caught a couple of real “pineapples”. One was four pounds on the nose and the other was only 18 ½” long and yet it weighed 4lb 1 oz. A picture of Cindy with that “tank” smallie is included in this report.

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