Greg and Milo took a two day break from smallie fishing and hit the Flambeau for muskies with “Muskie Joe” Flater. Last fall, they both fished for muskies and Greg managed to land his first one. It was an even forty inches long. Not too bad to catch a fish that size in only a couple of days of fishing. Especially for a fish that was once renowned as “the fish of 10,000 casts”. It might not be that many casts when your guide is Joe Flater, but it still is quite an accomplishment. I am happy and not surprised to report that on Tuesday the Muskie Gods were once again smiling on Greg. I was doing a little scouting on the Chippewa for our trip on Thursday when I received a text. Not to my surprise, there was a picture of Greg holding up another Flambeau caught muskie. How long? 48 inches!!! Two nice muskies in four days of fishing with Muskie Joe. We might have to change that saying to “the fish of 1000 casts” with Joe Flater as your guide. Today’s final smallie trip was going to be a short one of four hours since they had to pack up and make their way to the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport later that afternoon. As previously mentioned, I had done some scouting over the past couple of days on the Chip and found some quality fish in various places on the river that were again relating to submerged wood and laydowns along the banks with some current. In almost every spot they fished the smallies were active. In fact, in one area they fished, the sun was just at the right angle that we could easily see the cruising smallies. It was a lot of fun to watch them sight cast and to see them set the hook right after the fish struck the bait. The four hours flew by, but they managed to land twenty-five smallies. The majority of those fish were between fifteen and eighteen inches with the longest smallie coming in at nineteen and half inches. The picture included in this report shows some of the quality fish that they caught on this beautiful summer day in one of my favorite places to fish for river smallies.

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