We fished a section of the Flambeau River I haven’t spent much time on in the past few years. The water in this stretch is a little deeper compared to other areas I ordinarily fish during the summer. With the water so low I thought it would be a good bet to fish this section slowly and methodically hoping that the smallies would be drawn to this water that is only about a foot deeper than the other areas we have been fishing.The bet paid off. We caught a total of 32 smallies. Once again Cindy caught the biggest fish of the day. A hefty tank of a smallmouth that was only 18 ½” long and weighed 3 lbs.15 oz. I have an extremely accurate scale and couldn’t give her that extra ounce to get it to that four pound mark. If I had caught the fish it might have been a different story. A picture of Cindy with that dandy Flambeau smallie is included in this report.