We made a trip up the Flambeau River today to fish a section of the river where I had caught some football smallies a few days earlier. Rain was in the forecast and it was overcast. I was hoping with the cloud cover I might get a good top water bite. Right out of the gate Cindy caught a hefty 18 ¼” 4lb. 4 oz. bruiser at the base of a tree along the river bank. It’s roots extend down into the water and act as a current break and provide good overhead cover. We have been fishing this spot for years and today it didn’t disappoint. We traveled from there a few miles upstream to fish that spot where I had caught some real pigs back on Aug. 19. There were still some good fish in that area and I managed to catch a 19 ¼” 4 lb. 6 oz smallie. Cindy followed that up by catching a freakish looking smallie that was only 17 ¼” long and weighed an astonishing 3 lb.14 oz. After three hours of fishing it starting raining and it just wouldn’t stop. Even with rain gear on we started getting soaked and like a couple of drowned rats made our way back to the boat ramp. The picture included in this report is that 4-6 and 4-4 we caught before the bottom fell out.