We got off to another slow start today like we did yesterday. The fish we did catch from noon until around 4pm were scattered and few and far between. With an approaching cold front and severe storms that were supposed to arrive in the evening my hope was that as the barometric pressure dropped the fish would turn on. The water temperature was still sixty-eight degrees. I haven’t seen a big push of migrating smallies and know that the best is yet to come depending on the water flow in both the Chippewa and the Flambeau. Like yesterday, we did see an increase in feeding activity from 5 until 7 pm. We caught a total of sixteen smallies and some real nice ones. I managed to catch the last fish of the day. It was a real tank. She was nineteen inches long and weighed four pounds and zero ounces. It was our first four pound smallie of the trip. The picture of that fish is included in this report. At the time of the writing of this report the watershed north of where we fish received several inches of rain overnight. We may be dealing with high water conditions for the remainder of the trip and have to change our strategy on where and how we fish. The smallies typically move to the bank or set up close to it when the water starts to get high. The past several years in a row we have had to fish high water in the fall. Not ideal, but the fish can still be caught even under those challenging conditions.