I had the good fortune to take Matt and Adrianna from Shreveport, LA on a guided yet soggy fishing adventure. We had scheduled an afternoon trip, but with a line of heavy showers west of Knoxville that were moving in our direction we discussed cancelling. They both decided to go for it despite the weather conditions. Adrianna had never fished before and she proved to be a fast leaner as she picked up the basics very quickly. In short order she was catching some nice smallies like this dandy French Broad smallmouth she is holding in the picture included with this report. Matt also got in on the action and caught some nice sized White Bass. The longer we fished the heavier it rained, so with wet smiles on their faces we called it a day and headed to the ramp. Matt and Adrianna were great people to spend time with on the water and are the kind of clients that make my job easy and so much fun.

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