Over the weekend the watershed in northern Wisconsin that feeds the sections of the rivers I fish for both the Chippewa and Flambeau received four to five inches of rain. Rising water on these rivers in the fall can make the fishing tough. I had the pleasure of taking some friends of mine from Chicago (Scott & Tina) out for a day of what I thought would be some challenging fishing as the water began to rise on both rivers. Typically the fish move to the banks or find areas where they can get out of the strong current under these less than adequate conditions. Scott and Tina did a great job of making pin point casts tight against the bank with sucker minnows and were rewarded with 32 smallies in six hours of fishing. Scott caught one of the most beautifully and uniquely marked smallies I have ever seen in all of my years of fishing. That fish is pictured above. We had a fun day on the water and I look forward to future fishing adventures with Scott and Tina.