I had the good fortune to have Joe Flater introduce me to Jim and Jack at Flater’s Resort one evening. They were in the area to do some bear hunting, but had a few hours to kill during the middle of the day and they and wanted to try their hand at fishing for some smallies on the Flambeau and Chippewa Rivers. Both rivers continued to be running high, but I told them I would do the best I could to put them on some fish in the limited amount of time that they had to fish. Jack had a strike on the first cast and I joked that was a bad omen and that in my experience whenever that happened you usually would not catch another fish the rest of the day. Fortunately, that was not the case and they both managed to land eight nice smallies in two and half hours of fishing. They were great guys to have to have in the boat and we are planning a trip for me to come back to Wisconsin in the spring so they could now guide me in an attempt to catch some of those big Wisconsin River pre-spawn walleyes.