I had a great time guiding Jordan and Rosa today. They are young newlyweds who were taking time to enjoy their honeymoon here in East Tennessee. Rosa called me a few weeks before the trip to secure a date and during our conversation she said that Jordan who is an avid tournament fisherman from north Georgia was excited about catching his first smallmouth bass. In his neck of the woods they catch largemouths and spotted bass, but there are no smallies to be found on his home waters. The generation schedule at Douglas Dam was all over the board today. We met at the ramp at noon so we could catch about an hours worth of flow of one generator before TVA cranked them up to two generators or more. Some areas on the river fish better when the flow rate is between two and six thousand cubic feet per second (cfs) while others improve when the flows are much higher. The smallie fishing has been challenging over the past several weeks, but my clients have been putting fish in the boat and today would be no different. Rosa caught the first smallmouth of her life before Jordan. In fact, as I recall she caught three smallies and one little largemouth before Jordan had put his first fish in the boat. There was some good natured ribbing from his new bride about how she was catching more fish than he was but it wasn’t long before he tagged his first fish of the day. Fortunately, that first fish was a nice sixteen inch smallmouth. I was thrilled that they both had landed the first smallies of their lives. They fished extremely hard during the rest of the afternoon and were rewarded with four more quality sized smallies that were between sixteen and nineteen inches. Jordan had the big fish of the day. He caught a dandy smallie that was nineteen inches long and weighed three pounds and three ounces. A picture of the happy couple with that nineteen inch fish is included in this report. Jordan and Rosa were a great couple to have on board. I was happy that they got a taste of what river smallmouth fishing can be like here on the French Broad and to also enjoy the beauty that fall brings to these waters during this time of year.

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