A few years ago on one of my summer trips to Wisconsin my wife and I were returning to the ¬†boat ramp right before dark on the Flambeau River. I had just pulled my Stealthcraft Power Drifter Sled out of the water when I saw a pair of headlights appear through the trees in the narrow road to the ramp. The car pulled up next to me and a gentleman jumped out and exclaims ¬†” I have never seen anyone motor that fast upstream through those rocks and I just had to meet the guy and check out the boat”. That was my introduction to Rob. He has a cabin about a mile upstream on the Flambeau. We have become good friends over the past few years so when we are in the area we try to get together to do a little fishing. He has even been kind of enough to invite us to his cabin. It is in a great location with a beautiful view of the river. Rob is an engineer with the railroad and is extremely busy, but he always manages to carve out some time for us to get together. We had to battle some strong winds and high water today but we were able to catch some nice smallies before we made a trip to a local resort to scarf down some pizza and get caught up since our last get together in August.

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