After having several days of unseasonably cold weather that knocked back the bite I was happy that a warm front was moving through today. The only fly in the ointment were winds that were gusting from 25 to 35 mph. We had two local fisherman who were going to jump in with us, but they decided to back off due to those high winds. I can always find areas on the river that are out of the wind, so I was not deterred by the forecast. Cindy has been a real trooper throughout the trip and has fished every day no matter what Mother Nature threw at us. With the temperatures back in the 70’s and the humidity on the rise it ‘felt” like it was going to be a productive day on the water. After fishing one of our honey holes right out of the gate I could tell that it was going to be just the opposite. The smallie bite had all but dried up. We fished hard for several hours and scratched out a few nice fish. A picture of Cindy with a three pound smallie she brought to the boat is included in this report. It might not have been an ideal trip due to high water and uncooperative weather over the past couple weeks. However, how can you complain when you get to fish on the beautiful Flambeau River for smallmouth bass while enjoying the peak in the fall colors here in God’s Country.