I was contacted by Colin a couple of days before he wanted to go fishing on Friday, November 26. He is a 17 yr. old angler from south Alabama. I shared with him my concerns that Friday might be a tough day on the water due to the dreaded “Cold Front Conditions”. That was the only day he and his 12 yr. old brother Cade could fish and he understood that the fishing might be tough. Colin said he didn’t care if he caught a fish. Neither had caught a smallmouth bass and wanted to give it a shot regardless of the weather that might negatively impact the bite.They fished hard during their four hour trip and managed to catch nine smallies. Both of them said that they couldn’t believe how hard smallies fought compared to the largemouths they caught back home. The picture included in this report is a nice smallie that Colin caught behind a wing dam on the French Broad River. Both of them were very well mannered and respectful young men and were a pleasure to have in the boat. I shared with them the great smallmouth fishing we have here in March, April, and May just in case they were looking for some place to go on vacation during their spring break.

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